About Us

Who We Are

The Pacific Holding Corporation is an Organization that owns and operates a diverse portfolio of companies operating across many industries.

In addition, for non-company owned Organizations, The Pacific Holding Corporation provides Board level Corporate Governance and Corporate level Management services to provide Leadership, Cultural Realignment, Corporate Restructuring and Strategic and Operational Services and Support to help increase Value, Energy, Focus and Results.

Our Value System

We believe in doing the right thing first and foremost. The right thing is finding and maintaining balance in benefiting the: employees, clients and customers, environment, shareholders, stakeholders and the general public.

To find, develop, grow and maintain this balanced eco system in anything we do, are part of, or managing all with strong ethics, inclusion, heavy resources and focused energy.


The Pacific Holding Corporation partners with many non-Company owned Organizations. This partnership brings many resources to every level of the Organization.

From Board, Corporate and Special Counsel level positions, to providing financial, strategic, and operational support, Pacific Holding specializes in providing the tools needed to help Organizations reorganize, grow and expand.

The direct services we offer help Organizations to provide the highest level of employee and management satisfaction and support, produce and build high quality products and offer timely and value-oriented services in the markets in which they serve.

Leadership: Chief Executive Officer – Jonathan Ferraiuolo

Since 1990, Jonathan Ferraiuolo is the CEO of The Pacific Holding Corporation which is an Organization that owns and operates a diverse portfolio of companies operating across many industries.

In addition, Jonathan is a Principal in a variety of Companies and Organizations and specializes in developing, growing and expanding the Organizations he is part of.

Jonathan Ferraiuolo, MBA

Jonathan has his Business Administration degree, where he focused on economics, finance and management, as well as his Masters of Business Administration degree with a focus in International Business.

As schedules allow, Jonathan is an adjunct Faculty member at Gonzaga University’s Business School where he teaches Business Strategy and HR LAW, as well as a former Fire Commissioner for Spokane County.

Jonathan has served on and has been part of a variety of Charitable, Non-profit, Business and Professional boards and brings a well rounded base of Business, Strong Values and Ethics, Organizational and Leadership knowledge, talent and expertise to his companies and the organizations he aligns himself with.